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Monitoring, analysing, developing and understanding the Earth and its various subsystems requires a solid knowledge in physics, chemistry, mathematics and geology. IPGP courses are at the cutting-edge of these various disciplines and rely on an intimate understanding of all aspects of geology. Our teaching staff comprises researchers with an international reputation who have made a significant contribution to their field, and students are given access to high-level experimental facilities. In addition, space exploration is now in the spotlight following the launch of the mission SWARM, a constellation of magnetic satellites, as well as the Mars exploration mission INSIGHT.
Students can choose from a wide range of courses, according to their career goals and their personal interests. Additionally, the content of programmes is regularly updated in order to keep up with the latest scientific developments, as well as the job market.


The IPGP is committed to updating its course offering and constantly implementing novel teaching methods. Indeed, we encourage our students to aim for international careers by offering them an innovative dual studies course in collaboration with the Institut National des Langues et Cultures Orientales (Inalco) and Université Paris Diderot. The International Master's programme for the Geophysics of Exploration is offered in partnership with the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris and the companies CGG Veritas, Schlumberger and Total.




Translation / revision carried out by the Masters 2 ILTS team