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The Institute of Earth Physics of Paris was created with the objective of understanding the intimate operation of the Earth, from its core to the surface, by using the methods of physics and chemistry and the tools of mathematics and data processing. The Earth is a complex, heterogeneous system and the widespread of the time scale (from the second to billion years) and of space (from nanometers to tens of thousands of kilometers) makes it a very particular field of research.

Geophysics and geochemistry are self-sufficient fields at the IPGP but a discipline such as geology which is mostly turned towards linking ground observations and modeling (tectonics, petrography, mineralogy) can fully fit in. The field work and in situ observation are of a particular importance and we try to multiply the collaborations with specialists in atmosphere, ocean and climate research and more recently in the life sciences. The department of Research at the IPGP is organized in sixteen teams, their composition and detailed research topics can be found on this site. The fourteen research groups (and three observatories) are gathered in a single structure from CNRS. IPGP is a partner of the universities Denis Diderot-Paris 7, as well as Reunion Island University and the ENS (Ecole Normal Superior). Research at the IPGP is conducted in metropolitan France and overseas mainly on the Cuvier and Paris-Rive-Gauche sites, but also at the Volcanic, Seismological and Magnetic observatories.